Brittney Khalil (She/Her)

Provisionally Registered Psychologist

I am a practicum student completing my Master of Arts in Counselling at Yorkville University. I currently hold a bachelor’s degree at the University of Alberta, specializing in Science Psychology. I am a second-generation Lebanese Canadian, born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. Coming from a background where there is a strong negative stigma around mental health, I help raise awareness on mental health and enhance the outlook on the importance of mental wellness and utilizing therapeutic services.

I have resonated with Humanistic and Psychodynamic Frameworks. Irvin Yalom (2015) preaches that therapists should always listen to their clients because they always matter to them. I believe attentively listening and taking on the person-centred approach is crucial in
building a trusting and empathic relationship with clients. I want to work with clients by helping them remove obstacles that will allow them to grow and be on the path to their fullest potential.

As a behavioural consultant, I have had the pleasure of working with families, children and youth, specifically working with children and youth that have been diagnosed with developmental disabilities such as Autism, Cerebral Palsy, FASD etc. I have had the pleasure of working alongside families under various circumstances such as homelessness, sexual and physical abuse by offering support, strategies and goals to better their quality of life. With that, I want to expand my own professional knowledge in play therapy and sand therapy.