Divorce/Separation Services


The Voice of the Child Report is a method of submitting the wishes, and emotional and psychological needs of the child to the Court. This can be requested by consent of both parents or appointed by the Court. 

The Voice of the Child Report is a tool that can be used by both parents and/or the Court to make decisions about parenting time, emotional and psychological support for the child, and next steps for the family’s decisions making. 

The Voice of the Child Reports do not make any direct recommendations about parenting, but outline the child’s perspective, their wishes in relation to their family, and what the child’s emotional and psychological needs are. This is a ‘snapshot’ report that speaks to the age, development, and circumstances at the time of the report. 

Child Consultant

A child consultant works alongside mediators and families in a collaborative approach to include the voices of children in the decision making around family life after separation or divorce.

The child will meet with the child consultant for activity-based meetings using a structured and non-evaluative approach to bring forward the messages of the child to the adults making decisions.

The child consultant will be able to speak to the child’s perspective as well as add insight around the child’s developmental, emotional, and holistic needs. The child consultant can be a resource for building a different understanding for the child’s views, beliefs, and experiences and can be a valuable tool in providing supports within parenting.

The child consultant role is one that can be utilized within mediation and would not be an appropriate service for those families who are involved within the court system.

Divorce/Separation Child and Youth Therapy

When working with families going through a separation/divorce there are many complicated factors that will influence and impact the potential therapeutic services that can be provided to child[ren]. As a result, One Tree Psychological and Therapeutic Services have devised policies and procedures to do our best in serving your family and your child[ren]. 

Before a clinician is able to see any child, an intake without the child[ren] present must occur. This intake can occur with the separated parents jointly or each parent can attend their own intake. 

The only way that a clinician is able to see a child with only one parent’s consent is if there is court documentation that states the parent has the sole decision-making authority for your child[ren]’s medical decisions. Without this documentation no work with the child[ren] will occur. 

These services may include traditional talk therapy, play therapy, sand play therapy, and/or eye movement, reprocessing, and desensitization. All of these approaches will be discussed with both parents during the intake.

Please reach out to contact@onetreepsycholgical.ca for the cost for service. Or call us at (780)886-5471.