Jody Esch (She/Her)

Professional Certified Brain-Trainer

Neurofeedback Practitioner

For the past two decades holistic alternatives have intrigued and interested Jody.  As someone who experienced many challenges through the years, she was determined to explore and learn more about Neurofeedback for her own health and wellbeing. Neurofeedback was a journey that healed her from the inside and has been life changing for not only herself but for her entire family.

Jody’s diverse background in caring for others began as a Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy Assistant in acute care. Compassionate about supporting patients with severe health challenges and from many different walks of life, Jody connected and assisted patients and families on their rehabilitation journey. The majority of her career was spent in acute care, however when her children were young she decided to make a change and transitioned to a Speech Language Pathologist Assistant position. She has a soft spot in her heart for working with school and preschool aged children with a variety of challenges including autism, behavior, dysregulation and severe speech and language delays. It wasn’t until after her own life changing journey began that Jody pursued her Professional Brain-Training Certification. She has supported and worked with countless people helping them achieve brain and body wellness. Jody strongly believes in continuing education and has recently completed her certification in functional nutrition. Passionate and motivated to help others she is devoted to supporting her clients on their path to wellness. 

When she’s not hard at work you will find Jody filling her cup connecting and spending time with family and friends. She enjoys being active with her family, camping, reading, walks with her puppy and relaxing on the beach.