Nicole Pawlick (She/Her)

Counselling Therapist Intern

Certified Child and Youth Care Counsellor

I am currently finishing up my last year of Masters of Counselling Psychology at Athabasca University and beginning my internship at One Tree Psychological in September 2023 where my focus will be on
adults and families. Over the past two years at One Tree, my work focused on play-based counselling for children, youth, caregivers, and families. Some of the areas that I worked specifically with are childhood trauma, dissociation, attachment, sexual abuse, complex trauma, suicidal ideation, self-harm, medically fragile children, 2SLBTQQIPAA community, depression, anxiety, developmental delays, and FASD.

I have been working with children, youth, and families since 2016 within a variety of settings which include; community centres, treatment centres, daycares, group care, and in-home support work. My years of working within the life space holds a foundational factor within my counselling practice as I focus on a holistic view of the person not just what is presented in the room with me. My approach is built upon Humanistic and Psychodynamic theories which support person-centred and narrative approaches at the core. I enjoy integrating various theories and modalities to best support each person who I get to work with in the ways that they are needed which means I start with the relationship first as I believe it is essential to have a foundation of safety, comfort, and trust.

Techniques incorporated into my practice are bilateral stimulation, somatic experiencing, body movement, creative therapies, play, art, and parts work. My formal training includes Green Stream Play Therapy and Sandplay Therapy which supports creative expression at all ages. I will also be taking my EMDR training in September 2023 to support processing with another tool.

I look forward to meeting and working with many different people as my passion is supporting others to become their best selves. A little quote to get to know me a bit better: “Courage doesn’t happen when
you have all the answers. It happens when you are ready to face the questions you have been avoiding your whole life” – Shannon L. Alder.