Virtual Play Therapy Now Available


In such uncertain times I wanted to take some time to reach out and to introduce myself and share a new play therapy options; I am Danyelle Lynch, Registered Psychologist and director of One Tree Psychological and Therapeutic Services.

The One Tree team and I have been collaborating and brainstorming different ideas and tools to ensure that children, youth, and families are still able to receive supports during these chaotic times; and I think that we have come up with a unique and creative way for children and youth, who typically rely on play in therapy, to still access emotional supports. 

A tool that we often utilize in play therapy is therapeutic storytelling and role playing. We have come with a way to use these same skills to creatively engage children and youth using virtual therapy. In order for children and youth to engage in this virtual therapy, all that is required is a tablet or computer connected to the internet, some paper, drawing and colouring tools, and a 6-sided die (if possible). 

This therapeutic tool can be used to build self-esteem, increase emotional regulation and emotional tolerance, increase problem solving and conflict resolution skills, and increase flexibility in thinking. 

The role of the therapist is to create a world, characters, and scenarios that are 100% catered towards the therapeutic goals of the child or youth, as well as to support the ‘player’ to overcome the hardships in the story and experience success. 

If there is enough interest, we will look at scheduling group sessions for children and youth to increase the therapeutic benefit to include increasing social skills, collaboration, cooperation, and compromising skills. These groups would be created based around age and need. 

Please reach out through facebook or email if you are interested in either individual or group virtual sessions. 

We will continue to collaborate as a team in order to find more creative ways to serve and support you and your families! 

Take care,


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